FoodEx is the Leader
at healthy eating market
in Ukraine

We started in 2012 from foundation and development of healthy eating market in Ukraine – out from the service of delivering organic products from local farmers “Grandma’s Basket” (“Babusyna Torbynka”) we transformed into the service of balanced eating delivery “Spinach”. And now we are FoodEx – the Experts of healthy lifestyle.

We provide complex approach to excess weight problems, slimming/figure correction, improve the health and quality of life. Our experts support the clients in developing the new healthful eating habits, overcoming breakdowns and making sport the vital part of healthy and happy lofe


We help the Ukrainians to be the
healthy nation

About us - FoodEx

expert photo
Svetlana Nesterenko

Co-founder, visionary, weightloss-coach Strategic Center for FoodEx Team

expert photo
Sergey Kotenko

Co-founder and Finance Director. Effectively managers FoodEx actives

expert photo
Nataliya Fedorenko

Practice Doctor-dietician, Therapist, Endocrinologist. The Author of FoodEx Program.

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Irina Lyaschyuk

Clients Care Manager. Accurately and friendly communicated with FoodEx clients

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Maria Vityaz

Online Marketing Expert. Creates information area for the present and potential FoodEx clients



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We recommend adding mineral water to the FoodEx diet and we will deliver it along with the order.