Gluten-free Menu for man - Kyiv

770 UAH in a day

When ordering a trial program for 3 days

Program meals at a special price. Only on the first order!

840 UAH in a day

When ordering
at 1, 3, 5, 7 days

840 UAH in a day

When ordering
for 14 days

770 UAH in a day

When ordering
for 30 days

Choose the program term

Trial program

770 UAH X 3 = 2310 UAH

  • Trial program

    770 UAH X 3 = 2310 UAH

  • 1 день

    840 UAH X 1 = 840 UAH

  • 3 days

    840 UAH X 3 = 2520 UAH

  • 5 days

    840 UAH X 5 = 4200 UAH

  • 14 days

    840 UAH X 14 = 11760 UAH

  • 30 days

    770 UAH X 30 = 23100 UAH

  • Choose a different duration

Buy a VIP card for UAH

For those who have medical grounds of personal wish to stick to gluten-free diet

Orders for the next day are accepted until 11:00 a.m..

● Basics of the menu consists of seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and dietetic meat, oil, eggs, sour milk products, buckwheat, rice (red, brown, wild), millet, corn, beans, nuts and super-foods (amaranth and quinoa) ;

● Only products with the marking  Gluten Free are used;

●Menu is developed by doctor-dietician with medical education and approved by Association of Dieticians of Ukraine;

● The caloric intake of the diet is calculated by the dietitian depending on the age (adult or child) and your goals - to lose weight, gain weight or eat well;

● Telephone consultation and support by a dietitian;

● Individually flexible delivery schedule (we fit your business trips and travels). We deliver either daily, or, if requested, on working days only. Call us – and we’ll fix the schedule!

● Remember, according to the recommendations of & nbsp; WHO, patients with celiac disease should not eat wheat, rye or barley in food in any form throughout their lives;

● Save time - We will choose quality safe products for you and prepare healthy foods from them.;

●  A delicious menu from the chef - Gluten-free diet & nbsp; can be varied and delicious!




Sample menu for the day

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
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