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Foodbanka from Foodex

Just do eat!

  • Healthy and convenient food in today's fast and changing world in ecological glass packaging.
  • These are complete, healthy recipes from a dietitian and chef that are ideal for lunch or dinner.
  • Saving time - 3-4 minutes and a delicious and healthy lunch or dinner is ready for the whole family without any extra effort.
  • Always at your fingertips: shelf life in the refrigerator - 3 months.
  • Contains no flavor enhancers, harmful preservatives or colorants.
  • The dishes are delicious and healthy, as if they were just cooked..
  • Delivered canned in a can.
  • Preparation method: shake the glass jar slightly, open the lid. Reheat food in a glass jar in a microwave or water bath, or heat food in a saucepan.
  • How to store: store the glass jar in the refrigerator at + 3 + 5 ° until opening. After opening the jar, store in the refrigerator for no more than 2 days.
  • Delivery — from 8 glass jar for free. From 1 to 8 cans - 50 UAH.
  • 40 UAH is added to the amount - the cost of a thermo-package (holds up to 8 servings) for reliable delivery of dishes.

The minimum order is from 1 portion (1 glass jar = 370 ml).

Foodbanka from Foodex

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We recommend adding mineral water to the FoodEx diet and we will deliver it along with the order.