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Healthy nutrition programs from our experts in Kiev

Program without sweets

Nutrition program developed on the basis of unsweetened foods

Paleo menu

Menu without gluten, lactose and legumes.

Sport PRO without meat

For those with active life style, hard trainings and sports

Express Program of Loosing Weight

To get the result in the shortest term

Smooth Loosing Weight

For comfortable loosing weight

Sports Menu

For those with active life style and intensive gym trainings

Sport PRO

For those with active life style, hard trainings and sports

Balanced Eating

To maintain good physical form and stick to healthy eating

Meat-free Menu

The ration is saturated with vegetable food including seafood

Individual Menu

Developed specially for YOU by doctor-dietician and the Chef

Smart Lunch

Healthy food in your office

Vegetarian Menu

Balanced eating for vegetarians

Diet No 5

Well-balanced program according to the diet “Table No 5”

Diabetes Mellitus

Well-balanced program according to the diet “Table No 9”

Gluten-free Menu

For those with medical prescriptions or personal desire to stick to gluten-free diet

Lactose Free

Lactose-free ration for people with a lactose intolerance

For pregnant women and nursing mothers

Well-balanced eating during pregnancy and breast feeding


We burn fats with appetite

Keto program without meat

Useful fats and a minimum of carbohydrates

Gift certificate

Gift certificate FoodEx for your friends


Программа, имитирующая голод

Online course Mind & Body Cleaning

How to lose weight by 1-5 kg ​​in 5 days and remove 2-4 cm

Shopping card

We recommend adding mineral water to the FoodEx diet and we will deliver it along with the order.